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Ketu in the 2nd House

In this article we will look at how the axis of 2nd house and the 8th house affects the development of a person’s values. 

This position suggests that a person is not free in how he sees his resources, this lack of freedom is associated with his ancestral karma, with something that has been experienced earlier.  But a person cannot realize it, voice it out, and therefore, he must spend some time dealing with his ancestral problems in the second house. 

Astrologers usually say that this position is problematic, it deprives a person from wealth. He does not see his resource. Ketu has the nature of narrowing and if Ketu is sitting in any house, then it turns out that this area of life, firstly, is unpredictable, and secondly, is associated with some kind of renunciation and letting go. 

And there is a reason for it. Ketu is a signifier of the 12th house of the horoscope, and we can compare this position as if the owner of your 12th house has got into the 2nd house. What are the advantages? There are always positives. The indicators of the house where Ketu or the owner of the 12th house gets, become more elevated, less materialistic. Neverthless for the second house this is not a very good indicator, because here we must see the concrete resourse that lies in front of us, which we can enjoy and take in our hands. 

Ketu, on the other hand, calls for some form of renunciation in this house, and this form is depending on what has been experienced outside of the system. What does this mean? For example, something happened in the prenatal period or in your childhood, not to mention past lives. And we don't understand what i t was.

We can say that Ketu is definitely connected with the human genome, what genes a person has, what inheritance. And this genetic program, as well as everything that happened before birth, and also in early childhood, greatly influences the values ​​of a person including his decisions to take or not to take a certain resource, whether he is worthy or not worthy of a certain pleasure in life, luxury. The 2nd house is all about Venus’s values, pleasures and luxury. 

And people with a strong 2nd house know how to REFUSE when they feel uncomfortable, and how to TAKE when they feel comfortable. They do not feel any guilt or awkwardness at the same time, and they go through life, say, with full pockets. They feel that they are worthy, they have high self-esteem. 

Ketu in the 2nd house can significantly damage self-esteem, but on the other hand, the self-esteem of such a person can be based on very elevated indicators, on spiritual indicators, and not on those indicators, which were learn from childhood. This is a very big advantage, because where Ketu sits, along with the fact that we let go, we always gain more, as if the indicators of the 12th house poured into this house and made us wiser. We see a resource not in ordinary things, not in ordinary pleasures, but in qite elevaten parameters of our life such as spirituality. 

And even if through the Ketu in the 2nd house, in childhood you have learned such helplessness, that you must reject something for yourself, you can always turn to the spiritual side of life and boost your self-esteem despite everything that you have had experienced in the prenatal period, when you were very young, and learned, say, some destructive ideas. You can build your self-esteem yourself on spiritual indicators.  

In order to do this one needs a strong Jupiter. One should be able to follow a certain structure, formula or teaching, which can help to avoid mistakes in how to build new self-esteem and new values through Ketu in the second house.

Ketu in the 2nd house is also an interesting indicator because it can give wealth, but in this case Ketu’s lord must be harmoniously located relative to the 2nd house, preferably in the artha house (2, 6, 10) or in the kama house (3, 7, 11), and at the same time it should be strong. Then at a certain time, especiall during Rahu period or sub-period, a person can win the lottery, or get something that does not seem to belong to him in this life. Suddenly he gains something big, hits the jackpot. It means that a great potential, genetic potential, was accumulated by his ancestors, and it is manifested in the 2nd house. 

But when you win something, it is not just because of Ketu in the 2nd house, it is a certain burden, a certain debt, and you have a resource to carry out someone’s desire, for example, a desire passed on to you by your family, by genes. You are lucky but at the same time you must be grateful and responsible. 

It is important that money connected to Ketu never come just out of nowhere, it comes as a need to continue what your ancestors did. How to get resourses throught Ketu if you see a potential in your chart? It might come in a variety of ways, but most importantly, you must move towards Rahu, because when we move towards Rahu, we recognize our debts and our talents in Ketu’s side. 

When Ketu is in the 2nd house, Rahu is in the 8th. People with such affliction develop very inconsistently in terms of their values, the formation of wealth, and they always have a task of purifying the values ​​of their family, or take those accumulated values, if there are any, and continue ancestor’s business, or completely reconsider the ancestors’ ideas and go into new territory, into unknown statuses, into unknown ways of forming self-esteem and making money.

Such an axis of Rahu-Ketu in the 2nd and 8th houses, tenses up relations with people very much, because your values also include your clan karma, if you had any distortions, deviations from fundamental laws in the clan, then all this will surely lead to some kind of problematic situations on the basis of relationships.

Betrayal and disloyalty is closely connected with this axis, and when you see a person with Ketu in the 2nd house, then we can say that he will definitely experience some moments of betrayal in his life. He will cheat, he will be cheated on. And in fact, he needs to understand well what adultery is, and what betrayal is. Betrayal by itself, does not happen from nothing, yesterday you were loved, tomorrow you are not loved, betrayed, the husband went to his mistress, this will not happen in one second. 

It starts as a crisis of values. At first it is an inability to communicate about one's needs, conceal one's needs, avoiding of clarifying relations when they need to be clarified, that is, a person does not use the power of speech, the power of words on this axis, and entering someone else's territory, for example through Rahu in the eighth house, he takes something from there, and does not voice out to the partner the value of what he took. And someday it gives a breakdown in the relationship, it is impossible to control, it is impossible to predict, a person with such an axis will definitely feel that he was betrayed, and in this case, betrayal means that he was transferred to another level, this situation shows that the person’s values ​​have to be transformed, changed, and he has to become a completely different in relations with other people, and that is why this betrayal happens. 

Moreover, a person can leave the relationship himself because he already understands that values ​​are so different, and it’s time to go. And on this axis, you need to have the courage to speak about your needs and do it on time. We aren’t taught to do so in childhood, when we were kids, especially girls, we’ve been taught to keep silent about our needs. 

The most intimate desires of a person are on the axis of the 2nd and the 8th houses, at first, they are associated with food, what a person likes to eat, this is exactly the topic of stop eating when you do not want to, in childhood we often fail this lesson, many children have been forced to eat up everything that is on the plate even if they didn’t even want it anymore. This leads us to a rule that we need to somehow restrain our desires, and we cannot follow our desires all the time, these natural, basic desires, such an assault on our basic desires. Almost everyone had this in childhood one way or the other, this is how matter is arranged, we must squeeze ourselves somewhere in order to comply with the norms, the rules, and we all have some distortions in the 2nd house.

People with Ketu in the 2nd house have a distortion inherited from the family. Often such people  are born when a certain crisis of values ​​occurs in the family before their birth or during their birth. Betrayal as well. A person can absorb it from the fact that, for example, the father betrayed the mother, and such a child was born at this time. Also, such a child since childhood feels that something cannot be said, something is taboo, because it hurts the feelings of other people. Let’s say, he was raised by his mother, who had recently experienced infidelity, and she herself falls out of emotional contact with the child, she feels that her needs have been betrayed.  And she broadcasts this on to the child. 

If you, as a psychologist, see a person's Ketu in the 2nd house, then you need to work with his childhood, there is a lot of erased information in his memory, because Ketu is such a graha that erases a person's memory, narrows it, and it feels like it is better not to talk about it, not to remember, but still it keeps affecting him, and if it does, then it determines the values ​​of a person, his behaviour, his decisions to take or not to take something from this life.

Also, such children, with Ketu in the 2nd house, are often born to parents who experimented with something in their eating habits, tried to change them, for example, switch to some kind of diet, or abandon generally accepted nutritional standards for ideological reasons, and from childhood such children already learn that something is allowed and something is not allowed, that is, for them the topic of nutrition is not as free as it could’ve been if the parents had not studied this topic. And we cannot say whether this is good or bad, but a child from his early years can learn that something is impossible, he reads it from space around him.

Ketu in the 2nd house can result in memory gaps, these gaps must be restored first. Of course, sometimes such affects relate not only to parents, but to grandmothers, grandfathers, or even kindergarten teachers. Some suggestions can be inserted in us bypassing our consciousness, it was driven into a person’s head when he could not yet defend himself with a power of Mercury, he could not protect himself with his mind, and somehow even voice these suggestions out, and it’s quite hard to get it out from the depths of our consciousness. It can be expressed in speech, of course, because the 2nd house is the house of speech, and it can be working-through certain psychological techniques, hypnosis, and hypnosis techniques often work well there, where Ketu is, this is such a common practice to push a person through things that have been forgotten but still affect him. 

Also, these are some elements of domestic violence, not necessarily in relation to the child, maybe this child has witnessed violent behaviour between his parents, but since he was very young, for example, he was 2 years old, he does not remember this, and this again affects the relationship and prevents the person from expressing their desires directly.

And the Rahu-Ketu axis in the 2nd and the 8th houses destroys the relationship because a person learns to re-express his basic needs again. Food, money and sex, such concepts lie on this axis. A person cannot say what he likes in sexual life, too, perhaps he does not even know what he likes, because to find it out one must experiment on the field of 8th house. And the more a person with Ketu in the 2nd house moves to someone else's territory, the more he learns about what is allowed and what is not allowed for him, he learns his limitations.

Ketu in the 2nd house, often keeps a person in his place of birth, because he has a certain karma, an unfulfilled debt in relation to his parents, or in relation to the desires of his parents. A parent can take over the life of such a child and attract the child to his own desires, since early years of the child such parent tries to instil something in him, something that he did not receive himself, and he wants to receive it through the child who has Ketu in his 2nd house. If you manage to move from your place of birth, break away from your family with the Ketu in the 2nd house, this means that this karma has already spent itself, but usually in childhood such people remain in the place of their birth, this is due to both good karma and not so good. Regarding karma, one cannot say whether it is good or bad, but if benefics are involved, then it is pleasant for a person, for example, a person has Jupiter in the 1st house, Ketu in the 2nd with strong Venus, and the 4th house is strong enough, for example, the Moon stands there, such a person will most likely remain in the place of his birth for a long time, and will be able to receive some privileges there, which he is already entitled to by clan karma. If Ketu is with Saturn in the 2nd house, then a person also must remain in the place of his birth, and repay certain debts, but he does not like it, he sees it as a limitation.


Is it possible to somehow harmonize this position? Of course, yes, in the horoscope everything can be harmonized, everything can be improved, and for the axis of the 2nd and the 8th houses, you first need to determine the problem...

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